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Due to BREXIT constraints From January 1st 2021, all items coming from the UK will be subject to customs rules which may incur Duty and possible VAT charges and this will lead to additional administrations costs. Therefore it will be no longer viable to offer this service post BREXIT.

We will accept and process parcel into our V.A. up to and including the 18th of December 2020, parcel arriving after this date will be returned to the shipper.

Virtual Address will be closing on the 11th of December 2020.

All accounts will be refunded on the end of January 2021 through Sage Pay.

You will still have the opportunity to top up your account, you will continue to receive communications from us regarding any consignments that we maybe holding pending payment.

It costs €3.85 from the Virtual Address to your selected address in Ireland.

Yes, the maximum consignment weight under the Parcel Wizard Virtual Address service is 20kg and the maximum box dimensions are 40cm x 40cm x 60cm. 

If your parcel is outside these limits, the following charges will apply: 

€3.85 for first 20kg plus a surcharge of €10 per consignment plus 74c per additional kg over 20kg. 

If your box is outside the size dimensions, please use the following calculation to assess charges (if your box is large but weighs less than 20kg, a surcharge may still be applied so do check!) 

(L x W x D)/6000 = kg 

e.g. So a box of 60cm x 60cm x 60cm is calculated as (60 x 60 x 60)/6000= 36kg Charges will be:  €3.85 + (16 x 0.74) + €10 = €25.69

If your parcel is outside the weight and dimension restrictions, we will accept delivery into the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address and will contact you to arrange payment.

Please note we will not accept delivery for any goods over 31kg.

You should use enter your address as follows:
Mr. Joe Bloggs
DPD Parcel Wizard
Units 3 & 5, Trench Park,
Trench Road
BT36 4TY
When making an online purchase, when you're entering your delivery address, include your Parcel Wizard ID in the first line of the address. This will identify you as a Parcel Wizard club member as your parcel moves through the DPD delivery system. Also make sure that you've entered the mobile number and email address that you registered with on Parcel Wizard. We'll use any one of these pieces of information to identify you and to send you updates about your parcel delivery. If you’re ordering from a UK-based website and want to use the Parcel Wizard Virtual Address service, make sure to use the Virtual Address details. See the Parcel Wizard Virtual Address pages on our website and the App.
Register now - and if the parcel hasn't yet come into the DPD network, you still have time to register your delivery preferences. If the parcel is already with DPD and you have your DPD tracking number, you can check its status on You can contact your local depot for an update on the status of the delivery. Details of your local depot can be found on
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