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Yes, go to the Returns section on the Parcel Wizard Dashboard. If the etailer that you wish to return to features in the drop down list, then you can return via any one of our Pickup locations. Just follow the instructions on the website. Or your etailer may have included a Return label with your delivery which instructs you how to return via DPD.
It depends on the etailers. You should check the etailers delivery charges. Check what they charge for UK delivery against what they charge for delivery to ROI. Then add the €3.85 charge for use of Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address to the UK delivery charge in order to compare what’s the best value for you. Many etailers offer free delivery within the UK.
No, each parcel is treated as an individual consignment and carries its own charge.
If your e-tailer is not currently shipping with DPD, then Parcel Wizard won't be able to help you to manage your delivery. You should still include your Parcel Wizard ID in the address field anyway as they may use DPD to ship to you in the future and, as your details and delivery preferences will be registered, you can start enjoying the benefits straight away. BUT, if you’ve used the “Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address” when shopping on line, DPD will be looking after delivery from the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address onwards and you can manage your delivery through your Parcel Wizard Calendar or via the links in the notifications about delivery.
No, at the moment we do not deliver on Saturdays or Bank Holidays.

This dedicated number can be used by Parcel Wizard members if requested by UK etailers: 02891 240365. Please note that this isn't a customer services number and won't always be manned.

As long as the parcels originate from within the EU and the retailer you purchase from has a delivery option to Northern Ireland. However, DPD is not responsible for any charges on delivery – e.g. Payment on Delivery, customs duties etc. and deliveries of this nature will not be accepted into the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address.
This depends on the courier the retailer you purchased from uses for their deliveries. Once your parcel is delivered into the Parcel Wizard Virtual Address, we will deliver it to you within 2 working days. If your PWID is not visible on the package when we receive it, it may delay the parcel reaching you.
You’ll receive notifications from us via SMS, email and push telling you from what time your parcel will be available for collection. Once the parcel arrives at the Pickup Point, you’ll receive another message with your secure PIN which you must provide to the Pickup personnel in order for your parcel to be released.

If your parcel is outside the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address weight and dimension restrictions, we will accept delivery and will contact you to arrange payment. Please note we will not accept any parcel that is over 31kg in weight. 

The maximum consignment weight under the Parcel Wizard Virtual Address service is 20kg and the maximum box dimensions are 40cm x 40cm x 60cm. 

If your parcel is outside these limits, the following charges will apply: 

€3.85 for first 20kg plus a surcharge of €10 per consignment plus 74c per additional kg over 20kg 

If your box is outside the size dimensions, please use the following calculation to assess charges (if your box is large but weighs less than 20kg, a surcharge may still be applied so do check!)

(L x W x D)/6000 = kg 

e.g. So a box of 60cm x 60cm x 60cm is calculated as (60 x 60 x 60)/6000= 36kg Charges will be: €3.85 + (16 x 0.74) + €10 = €25.69

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