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Once you log back onto the Parcel Wizard App or, your Parcel Wizard ID will be visible on the home page.
You can register three mobile contact numbers, one of which will be the primary one to which text notifications about your delivery will be sent.
Go to "My account" on or the “My account” section of the App. Scroll to the end of the page and select "Deactivate account". You can re-activate your account again by logging back into DPD Parcel Wizard.

Please follow the guidelines on the 'Forgot my Password' section of the Parcel Wizard website. You will receive an email to your default email address with instructions to allow you to change your password.

DPD Parcel Wizard uses the personal data that you have provided for the purpose of parcel delivery and collection. For example, we will contact you in the event that you have a parcel due for collection or delivery. All data is stored safely and securely. Please check here for our privacy policy.

Yes, DPD Parcel Wizard uses various types of cookies. You can view our Cookies Policy here.

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