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Please allow up to 24 hours after we accept delivery to link it to your Parcel Wizard account. If your PWID is not visible on the package when we receive it, it may delay the parcel being matched if we can not identify it as yours.

If your schedule changes temporarily you can let Parcel Wizard know by overriding a recurring Schedule by flagging the date with "schedule override" and specifying your new delivery preference for that date..

You''ll need to delete the Existing Schedule and create a new one. Click on the date on the Calendar. Select Delete. Once you have deleted the Schedule, simply create another new Schedule.
Parcel Wizard is a unique service brought to you by DPD Ireland. Parcel Wizard enables you to manage your deliveries to suit your busy lifestyle. It also gives you access to the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address service where you can benefit from lower cost deliveries from UK etailers.
Yes, everyone can register. Even if they have not purchased online up to now or even received a parcel from a courier. If they receive deliveries from DPD in the future, then they'll reap the benefits of being a registered Parcel Wizard Club member.
It allows ROI residents the possibility of availing of free or cheaper delivery options that e-tailers offer within the UK – check the e-tailers delivery terms. Some UK based e-tailers only deliver within the UK. By using the Virtual Address, purchases from such e-tailers can be ordered and delivered to the ROI. And you can enjoy all of the benefits of Parcel Wizard – such as Managing your calendar and creating schedules for future deliveries.
You can store three email addresses on your Parcel Wizard account, one of which will be the primary one to which email notifications about your delivery will be sent.
If your delivery has been returned to the sender you'll need to contact the sender directly to arrange redelivery.
Once you log back onto the Parcel Wizard App or, your Parcel Wizard ID will be visible on the home page.
You can register three mobile contact numbers, one of which will be the primary one to which text notifications about your delivery will be sent.
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