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If you are an online retailer who ships with DPD it would be of great benefit to your customers for them to be registered members of DPD Parcel Wizard. It will give them more control over the delivery process avoiding the frustrating delays all too commonly experienced with online purchases these days. Contact to discuss putting a DPD Parcel Wizard link on your site. We'll also feature your logo on our "Customer Carousel"
Any private consumer who has registered with DPD Parcel Wizard can use the service.
Initially you'll need to enter name, email address, a password and your mobile number. After that, you’ll be prompted to update your home address and pin your address to our map which will help us to find you when we're delivering your parcel.

Check on your chosen etailers website- frequently they offer much cheaper (often free) delivery to UK address and often they only ship a selection of products to ROI so you will have access to a wider range of items.

No, you can use your login and password on any device. If you've changed number though, you'll need to update your primary details in the My Account section.
No, you can simply log into your account and amend the details in the “My Account” section.

Yes, once the parcel has been received by DPD into the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address, we will match it to your account and once matched we will let you know by email and SMS. The status will then be visible in the My Deliveries section.

If your delivery has been returned to the sender you'll need to contact the sender directly to arrange redelivery.

If your schedule changes temporarily you can let Parcel Wizard know by overriding a recurring Schedule by flagging the date with "schedule override" and specifying your new delivery preference for that date..

No, as this parcel is already in the process of delivery, changes made to your calendar now won't apply. You can reschedule the delivery by following the instructions on the text message - go to and enter your surname and the reference number included in the text and you'll see what options are available.
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