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Any claim for damaged goods must be made in writing to within 7 days of receipt of the goods. This will initiate the insurance claims process. The level of cover for each consignment is the cost of replacement goods or €100 per consignment, whichever is the least. DPD cannot be held liable for any consequential loss suffered as a result of damaged or lost goods. Please see our Trading Terms and Conditions for comprehensive details of cover. Parcels containing glass, china etc. are not covered by insurance and no insurance claim will be issued in respect of such goods. On occasion DPD may request inspection of damaged goods, and proof of purchase is required as supporting evidence to all claims. Please allow 21 working days for claims to be settled.
You can do this via the Manage Delivery link we send in your messages but a 24 hour delay may be incurred. If the parcel has already been delivered to the Pickup Point, we can't redirect it to another location.
Pickup is DPD Ireland’s network of parcel shops. We have several hundred throughout the country so there should be one close to where you live and work or go to college. You can opt to have your parcels delivered to a Pickup point - just set up a Schedule in your Calendar with your closes Pickup Point as the delivery location. Or you can opt for delivery to Pickup when we send you your text, email or push notifications prior to delivery. There’s generally a Pickup Point within 15 minutes of rural addresses, and 5 minutes of urban addresses – check the Pickup Point locator to find the one closest to you. You can also return parcels through Pickup too. Find out more by clicking the Returns button on the Parcel Wizard dashboard.

You have two options:

A. You can pre-pay on - you can buy 1,3 or 5 credits at a time using Paypal or your credit/debit card

B. We'll contact you once your parcel is received at the Virtual Address and you can pay then.


All your current parcels will be visible in the My Deliveries section of the App and You can also review historical deliveries.
Using your UK Virtual Address, you can order from etailers that don’t deliver to ROI but ship to Northern Ireland, and for those that already ship to Ireland, often you can get better value on delivery – just check the shippers’ delivery information. It costs just €3.85 from the Virtual Address to your chosen address in Ireland. Parcels must weigh under 20kg and be a maximum size of 40cm x 40cm x 60cm. Check the UK Virtual Address section on Parcel Wizard for more details.
Simply go to where you'll find lots of information on the comprehensive range of services provided by DPD Ireland.

No, registering with Parcel Wizard is completely free..

If the shipper offers free or reduced rates on delivery to the UK, or will only ship certain product to addresses in the UK, then Parcel Wizard’s UK Virtual Address gives you a UK address which you can use when ordering on line. Once the delivery has been made to the UK Virtual Address (which is based at one of the DPD locations in Northern Ireland), DPD Ireland will then deliver the parcel straight to you with flexible delivery options to suit your schedule. Remember that you must enter your Parcel Wizard ID in the first line of the address, and then complete the address with the Parcel Wizard UK Virtual Address details.
Go to My Calendar. Enter a Start and End Date, select whether it's a Single or Recurring Schedule, and choose from the Delivery Options available. Now give your Schedule a name. And Save! If you need to make any changes, either “Edit Schedule” or “Delete”.
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